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Helping small business to be competitive with other companies on this cybernetic world. Website 4 Less is a full service web design firm. We specialize in growing and promoting businesses online. We offer affordable packages for informational. Our areas of expertise include logo development, complete web design, flash design and web hosting allowing us to handle every aspect of your web site design needs. Our technology is continually growing enabling us to offer our clients solutions to conduct business faster and easier.  Website 4 Less has steadily grown in the internet technology arena, offering full internet technology services to the small to medium size businesses. We attribute our steady growth to our persistence to stay on top of the latest technology and our ability to integrate this technology into more effective solutions for our clients.   Our constant desire to provide professional custom designed websites at very reasonable prices and our innovative approach to the internet technology industry.


This page is intended to assist with the involved process of registering with the search engines and directories that are usually considered major players. If you have any comments or problems, please let us know. If you are serious about good placement, on a monthly basis you will want to read the search engine and directory policy on their placement guidelines. There is a direct link to each one below. A website that works has a life of its own; it grows and changes. Some sites are listed even though there is no way to register with them so that you will know they have not been overlooked. Some of the search engines are powered by Excite, LookSmart, or Inktomi. Excite encourages separate registrations.

Ask Jeeves( They use five search engines.

Excite (, major search engine.

HotBot (, major search engine.

Infospace ( major directory.

Looksmart (, major directory.

Lycos ( major search engine with an "associated" directory.

Magellan ( search engine and directory. They are powered by Excite.

Northern Light, ( or search engine and directory.

Snap ( search engine and directory, partly powered by Inktomi.

WebCrawler (, search engine, powered by Excite.

Yahoo ( major directory. Click here to begin their process.

Snap ( search engine and directory, partly powered by Inktomi.

WebCrawler (, search engine, powered by Excite.